Scientists Researching Probiotics

Probiotics – Capable Of Battling Obesity?

Scientists are using probiotics in the fight against obesity, according to the applied journal of microbiology and microtechnology.

What Is a Probiotic?

Probiotics are generally supplements or foods with a high level of ‘good’ bacteria present. This good bacteria breaks down undigestible fibres in your gut for energy and competes with ‘bad’ bacteria for food. Having too much bad bacteria can present issues, so having a healthy amount of good bacteria for competition can potentially be beneficial.

But How?

Researchers have recently begun to investigate a wide array of less conventional probiotic applications. One of these applications being fighting obesity. Recent research has confirmed a strong link between the presence of specific strains of bacteria in the gut and the presence of insulin resistance/adiposity.

Led by Dr. Sean Davies, a research team has recently uncovered some interesting information about probiotics. They’ve discovered that modifications can be made to specific bacteria in order to enhance their therapeutic benefits.

More specifically, these bacterial strains are modified to produce specific metabolites. These metabolites can be used to mitigate the side effects & the onset of obesity. Dr Davies has even postulated that this approach can be used as a new drug delivery mechanism for patients suffering from critical conditions.

As a result of this research, more questions have been raised about the practicality of utilising bacteria for medical treatments.

What Inspired This Research?

According to Sean Davies official public profile, a succession of recent studies inspired this research. More specifically a collection of studies which indicated that there was a clear link between the diversity of bacteria in the gut and the overall health of the human body.

This link appears to stem from the way these species of bacteria seem to inhibit insulin resistance/adiposity. In turn, this has the knock on effect of inhibiting vascular disease, oxidative stress and general inflammation.



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