The Daily Grind

Getting up and working every day might be necessary for most of us, but even the hardiest of workers can begin to feel worn out after a period of time.

The beginnings of a cold or flu, one skipped meal too many or a couple of missed hours of sleep: That’s all it takes for you to knock yourself off balance and really find yourself suffering through your shifts.

Luckily, there’s a selection of ‘life hacks’ you can implement to ensure that you find yourself walking out of work feeling energetic and refreshed.

Hack 1 – Keep Your Diet In Check

Your diet is one of the most important aspects of maintaining solid & consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Fatigue can occur if you’re running a deficit on any one of the hundreds of vital nutrients required to keep you going.

Consuming too many carbohydrates can leave you feeling bloated and sleepy.

Start looking into the foods you’re eating and attempting to hit your micro and macro-nutrient needs for the day without going over.

Your body will quickly begin to reward you for this in the form of enhanced energy throughout the day.

Hack 2 – Take a Probiotic

Struggling with the last step? Probiotics are insanely useful when it comes to keep yourself in good condition.

Your gut is where a lot of the nutrients in your food are extracted.

The good bacteria in your gut can help streamline this process, breaking down previously undigestible fibres and competing with ‘bad bacteria’ in the process.

Studies have shown that probiotics can improve your bodies ability to absorb antioxidants from food.

You can buy a powerful 50 Billion Live Culture Probiotic right here.

Hack 3 – Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is absolutely critical to getting a good nights rest and ensuring you’re well energised for the days ahead.

You may not have heard of sleep hygiene before, and that’s okay. Sleep hygiene is simply the act of maintaining a set ‘bed time’ routine that gets your ready to have a restful sleep.

Some aspects of good sleep hygiene can include:

  • Limiting your naps during the day time to 30 minutes
  • No electronic screens for up to an hour before bed
  • Going to sleep in a cool, dry environment
  • Avoiding frequent caffeine/nicotine/general stimulant consumption
  • Maintaining some sort of exercise routine to ensure you’re tired enough to sleep

There are a great variety of other approaches you can take to sleep hygiene, but the strategies listed above are definitely the most effective.

Hack 4 – Lose The Booze

Alcohol is one of the worst things you can consume in terms of fatigue. This is for a couple of reasons.

Alcohol largely ruins the quality of your sleep.

Whilst it may help you fall asleep easier, and induce a deeper sleep – it limits the amount of time spent in R.E.M sleep.

R.E.M sleep is the most restorative part of the sleep cycle, so spending less time in it means you’re missing out on one of the only reasons humans need to sleep – recovery.

Alcohol also zaps your immune system, as your body basically ‘drops everything’ and rushes to clear the poison from your system.

Limit drinking to once a month if you’re serious about getting healthy and avoid drinking on sundays, which will always ruin your productivity come monday.


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