Powerful Probiotic Formula

Our High Strength 50 Billion Live Cultures Probiotic supplements are tailor made using the best and most reliable bacterial cultures. Each one is picked individually to ensure that you get all the benefits of a premium quality probiotic.

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  • For A More Active Lifestyle
    Soetik are commited to bringing you a range of products tailored towards the high intensity of every day life.
  • Natural Ingredients
    Our products are derived exclusively from high quality natural ingredients.
  • Modified-Release Dosage
    We put a lot of thought into our supplement delivery methods. From fancy capsules to pressed pills - we always pick the best choice for you.
  • Amazing Resources
    In addition to our excellent supplements, we also provide a wide variety of guides, blog posts and e-books. Each of them geared towards helping you achieve your goals.
Recent Blog Post

Your Gut Bacteria Is Related To Your Mood

Recent research has led to a growing collection of evidence suggesting that your gut microbiome is related to how you feel. People suffering from depression have measurably different configurations of bacteria in their intestines to those who don’t.

Potential Benefits

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  • Feeling Run Down?
    80% Of the bodies immune system is in the gut. Your gut is worth investing in.
  • Hormone Regulation
    Diindolylmethane can be used for hormone regulation.
  • Premium Sourced Ingredients
    Our products are manufactured with high quality, premium ingredients. Because you deserve the best.
  • Boost Energy Levels
    Both DIIM and Probiotics can help boost your energy levels.
  • May Help With Sleep
    Mounting evidence suggests a relationship between the gut biome and quality of sleep.
  • Quality Guarantee
    We guarantee that we will only source the best ingredients from trusted, ethical providers. Should you find anything unsatisfactory with your product we can be contacted within 24 hours at all times.
Soetik's Goal:

Helping you on your quest for a happier life.

Our entire goal as a company is simple: to provide you with the tools you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Billion live cultures in our probiotic formula.
Unique, niche supplements designed just for you.
Hour average response time for customer queries.
Years (and then some) of supplement industry experience.
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